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CBS national evening news at 5:30 (CST) carried a large segment on why the US is over rating the potential from biological terrorist activities. They stated that the US and Russia both are maintaining highly sophistocated nuclear capabilities, aimed at each other. The gist of the story was that a nuclear strike was more likely than an anthrax or bio chemical attack. CBS news program at 8:00PM CST 9 eastern, will carry more information.

-- suzy (, February 08, 2000



-- Hokie (, February 08, 2000.

what you watched is called a "teaser" get you to watch the 8:00 pm is NOT news...the networks do NOT do news...they put on whatever they think will get them higher ratings.

Attract and hold an audience...that's their mission...they are purely and simply bottom-line driven. This is in marked contrast to the earlier days when "news" was actually an "expense item" on the budget sheet. Now, the news division is a profit center.

Sorry to burst your bubble. You could live the rest of your life and survive without ever watching TV news again. Even in "live" coverage (remeber Columbine, Princess Di) they are only part of the circus.

-- Pat Frank (Doomer@las.Babylon), February 08, 2000.

You people shoul understand by now what this means. The PTB spun biowar UP for the rollover, and now they either need to spin it DOWN so it's a surprise when it happens ("WHEN" not "IF")or to replace it with something else.

OR, someone over on the Potomac re-read his tea leaves and decided that the sheeple need to be prepared (at least psychologically) for BOTH scenarios, and nuke war has to hit the hot 5 at number two with a bullet, so the treatment you saw.

Pays your money and chooses your choice.

Be GLAD you prepped, the actual explanation of this spin cycle is probably not above.


-- Joss Metadi (warhammer@Pride.of.Mandeyne), February 08, 2000.

HHhhmmmm. The bright guys and gals at the dept. of defense war colleges seem to think a major chem or bio attack is much more likely from "non state actors." Maybe CBS went to the same tired so-called experts they always use? Or maybe the media is JUST CLUELESS.

-- Squid (, February 08, 2000.

you're not listening doesn't matter WHICH talking head CBS got ...nor WHAT he said....the "biowar" story polls looks like it will spike the Nielsen meter...thats ALL...

-- (patfrank@las.babylon), February 08, 2000.

It may sell a lot of bio gear as well. Our local news reported last night about Clintons new $$$illion anti bio-terrorist campaign. Reportedly EVERY city/town/burgh with a post office will be outfitted with training and all the bio-hazard equipment needed to deal with the coming attacks. They also repeated the *when not if* mantra.

Who makes this gear? Welllllll...

-- Michael (, February 08, 2000.

Nearly every "news" bulletin carries an "advertisement" for a tv show which magically ties in with said "report". This is the mid-February sweeps kids. Watch for lots of "sexy" news stories too!! Aphrodisiac foods/local restaurant reviews (hey now that is IMPORTANT information) teenage sex rate surveys, chocolate/lingerie/champagne consumption etc You know the drill. And for the non-sexual amongst us, well, they thought about you too. Plenty of rock em sock em robot, Tom Clancy style-stories for boys of all ages. Yes the mantra has been pounded into our mushbrains, Bio warfare attack = not IF, but WHEN. But lest we forget and get all complacent, plenty of Reagan starsmasher Calif. wetdreaming as well to entertain the death and destruction crowd... Stay tooned, film at 11.

-- When news breaks, they "fix" it. (, February 08, 2000.

Isn't this whole bio vs. nuke discussion really just words?

Whether it was the fly-swatter or the Raid...the bug is still dead.

-- grannyclampett (, February 09, 2000.

Yeah...and while they are fixated on those two "maybes"....the Environment is gonna sneak-up behind them...and say, "BOO!".

But then it will be to late, given the momentums behind those problems...huh? Isn't it just amazing how we distract ourselves to avoid looking at the REAL threats?

Our 'imagination' plus our denial - are just *such* wonderful things...don't you agree?

Who are we kidding?

-- steve (WhoCares@nymore.Right?com), February 09, 2000.

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