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Creativity Machine

* The Creativity Machine will issue as a U.S. patent in August of 1997 as "Device for the Autonomous Generation of Useful Information."

A chaotic neural network forms an efficient search engine within and around any conceptual space upon which it has been trained. By monitoring the temporal distribution of concepts emerging from such a system, we discover a quantitative agreement with the measured rhythm of human cognition, creative or otherwise. By analogy to this transparent connectionist search engine, much of human creativity appears attributable to the failure of cortical networks to activate into known memories as these networks perform vector completion upon their own internal disturbances. In lieu of intact memory activation, the networks produce a stream of degraded memories, now constituting what we commonly refer to as ideas that are filtered for utility and interest by attendant cortical networks.

-- scott (, February 11, 2000


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-- scott (, February 16, 2000.

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