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This has driven me crazy since I got my 3-CCD Panasonic Digital Camcorder (two years ago), what the hell is the the "E-System" plug underneath the viewfinder? I assumed it was somekinde of "FireWire" connection when I first got it (FireWire was still not a standard in DV Camcorders then), so I assumed it was, now I know it can't be since it is a round plug but with six holes. The camera's manuel only says it is an "E-Sytem" port connector and that's it . . . but what the hell is "E-System"? And what does it do? I've tried contacting Panasonic via email and of coarse no response and most vendors don't have a clue what it is either.

HELP! Anyone know the magical answer!

Thnk you!

-- Roberto Mena (, February 11, 2000


The DV1000 has a 5-pin Panasonic edit control jack.

-- John L. Sokol (, November 02, 2000.

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