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Here's the first textbook for a course on machine psychology. Get into this soon-to-be-hot field on the ground floor!

Machine Psychology

MACHINE PSYCHOLOGY and the politics of everyday robots

by Franklin Wayne Poley, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Chapter 1: Total Automation-Now!
Chapter 2: Artificial Sensation (AS)
Chapter 3: Artificial Mind (AM/ANS)
Chapter 4: Artificial Behavior (AB)
Chapter 5: Artificial Personality (AP)
Chapter 6: Artificial Life (AL)
Chapter 7: Artificial Intelligence/Artificial Stupidity
Chapter 8: Practical Working Robots-Now!
Chapter 9: Robophilosophy
Chapter10: Robotwilightzone
Chapter 11: Robonightmares/Artificial Insanity
Chapter 12: Roboeconomics/Robopolitics
Chapter 13: Robotized Cities-Now!
Chapter 14: Roboteacher/Robostudent
Epilogue (in preparation)
References (in preparation)
Index (in preparation)

-- scott (, February 12, 2000

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