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OT- WARNING! Auxigro - MSG Crop Spray

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Folks, I could hardly believe this when I saw this, but here it is:




We received an E-mail from Adrienne and Jack Samuels warning us of a new agricultural spray used as a "growth enhancer". It contains about 30% MSG. This means that any fresh fruit or vegetable may have residues of MSG in them, including any processed foods containing them, such as baby foods. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the use of "Auxigro WP Plant Metabolic Primer (Auxigro), February 6, 1998. Jack Samuels has written to the EPA and the producers of Auxigro, Auxein Corporation, Lansing, Michigan, asking them to withdraw this product from the market immediately. But if they only hear from Mr. Samuels that we do not want MSG sprayed on our food, approval will not be rescinded. Please complain to your congressman, farm companies, and especially to Carol Browner, Administrator of the EPA. You can contact her at:

Carol Browner Assistant Administrator for Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 401 M Street, S.W. Washington DC 20460 Phone: (202) 260-2902 Fax: (202) 260-1847 E-mail: c/o Douglas Parsons: parsons.douglas@epamail.epa.gov

For additional information concerning this issue, send E-mail to Jack Samuels at: adandjack@aol.com

Auxigro may be sprayed by airplane on crops such as snap beans, lettuce, peanuts, tomatoes, and potatoes. The product may also affect ground water and drinking water and ultimately endanger humans, farm animals and wildlife. The EPA's action allows the amount of MSG residue on fruits and vegetables to be unlimited (Sec. 180.1187 Code of Federal Regulations).

Please lend your support if you do not want to be exposed to undeclared amounts of a toxic substance daily!

ps. Mothers, check your babyfood ingredients, MSG is becoming a popular ingredient nowadays!

-- formerly (formerly@nowhere.zzz), February 14, 2000

-- (formerly@nowhere.zzz), February 15, 2000


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OT- WARNING! Auxigro - MSG Crop Spray

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-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), February 15, 2000.

My husband and I just noticed yesterday that our Lay's Potato Chips had MSG in the ingredient list! We were very surprised so we checked another flavor and there it was again. It was listed on Lay's Barbecue and Ranch flavors. We do not know if it is listed on other flavors in the Lay's line.

-- Diane (cptlauthor@aol.com), February 15, 2000.

If you would like to learn more about MSG, check out the website www.nomsg.com and read all about it, what it is, how it works, how it can be "hiding" in an ingredient list, and how you might be affected by artificial sweeteners if msg affects you, too.

ps. Note to Dont sweat it: I wouldn't be raising hell about this if I could just take an antihistimine and make it go away, like a pollen allergy. This msg syndrome is not an allergy, it is a toxic reaction. Also, I have never known anyone to get an 18 hour migraine from a grass allergy.

-- (formerly@nowhere.zzz), February 15, 2000.

Update: Carol Browner is currently EPA administrator, i.e. honcho of the whole thing.

Meanwhile, I did a little bit of digging into this topic and it seems that Auxigro contains about 30% L-Glutamic acid, not mono sodium glutamate. Jack and Adrenne Samuels sorta, kinda, more or less assert that the two are equivalent. Adreinne used the phrase "essentially identical", which seems roughly to translate to: just the same only different.

Now, on the one hand, numerous people are adversely affected by mono sodium glutamate; on the other hand, everybody, including those adversely affected by MSG, need l-glutamic acid, which is one of the amino acids of which our proteins are constructed. If you don't get enough l-glutamic acid in your diet, your body will manufacture the stuff.

So, IMHO, the assertion that they are equivalent seems a bit fishy.



-- Jerry B (skeptic76@erols.com), February 15, 2000.

Just a question:

Since you haven't actually referenced any "real science", I will ask for your opinion. What do you estimate the half life of glutamate [or, for that matter, gama-amino-butyric acid] to be when sprayed on a plant in the field. I know the answer, but I'm not talking. I grow my own food and I don't spray. Because it is dangerous; no because I'm lazy.

Best wishes,,,,

-- Z1X4Y7 (Z1X4Y7@aol.com), February 15, 2000.

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