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What are the Qualifications needed to be able to practice as a sport psychologist in Australia?

-- Melinda Hunt (minilloyd@hotmail.com), February 16, 2000



OK - here goes with this answer - if you can follow you are doing better than many.

To call yourself a psychologist in australia you must be registered with a state registration board - this is governed by an act of parliament i.e it is law.

To be eligible for registration you must complete an approved 3 year undergraduate degree with a psych major + a fourth year speciaslist honours or graduate diploma in psychology (this includes a 10,000 word research thesis).

Once this is complete the minimum additional requirement is an approved 2 year coursework masters degree, including at least 120 days of supervision.

When all this is complete you are able to be registered as a psychologist and call yourself one.

To call yourself a SPORT psychologist you must be a full member of the Australian Psychological Society College of Sport Psychologists. Membership requires all of the above (the masters should be in sport psychology) plus 2 years supervision by a full member of the college.

That's 8 years in total!!!!

You are able to work in sport psych probably from the masters point on but not able to use the term sport psychologist until a full member.

For info on sport psych in australia go to: http://www.psychsociety.com.au click on APS UNITS at bottom of page, then college of sport psychs.

Cheers adam

-- adam hall (a.hall2@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au), February 28, 2000.

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