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I am in 9th grade and I need to know some info fast! Stuff like what a sports psycologist salary is when they first start off and how much they can make up to as they get more experiance. And I need to find out what education is required. I want to be a sports psycologist when I get older and I have to do this for a project. PLEASE HELP ME!!! -Megan

-- Megan McKenzie (keffy@hotmail.com), February 17, 2000


You can get information about the training requirements for sport psychology from the Division 47 web page. There are 4 primary tracks that someone wanting to be a sport psychologist might follow. Starting salaries can range from $20-45,000 and average between $65-90,000 with experience. Sport psychologists commonly work as professors and do a little sport psychology consulting or they are practicing psychologists who see people for a wide range of reasons of which sport psychology consulting may only be a small part. Some consultants are not primarily trained in psychology but have their degrees in exercise science, and they also consult with athletes and exercise participants.

-- Stacie M. Spencer (spencer@merlin.psych.pitt.edu), February 28, 2000.

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