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I am curious why some locals have reciprocity,what it means to me and why as an international organization all benefiets are not collected into one file.

-- (JESSWR1010@AOL.COM), February 21, 2000


All funds, (pension, health,etc.) are governed by the Federal Taft- Hartley law. That law requires equal representation by labor and management trustees. The original trust documents and how they are drawn up has a lot to do with fund reciprocity. (i.e. can you transfer funds from outside your 'home' area to your fund.)

It is simply a matter of history that different funds were established in different areas at different times to meet different conditions. In construction, pension funds are a fairly new creation. (mid 50's to 60's in many areas.) Why not one big International fund? I'm in favor, however, many of the regional funds were drawn up with local contractor participation. Those contractors may not wish to relinquish 'control' of how those funds are allocated in their community.

Any changes would require full participation of all involved plus the usual toll for the attorneys. Sometimes the legal costs exceed any benefit derived. If we could indulge in revisionist history, one International fund (with suitable safeguards) would be commendable. That question will not be settled at my level (minor union functionary) but would have to be studied/resolved by delegates to an International Convention. No doubt it has been suggested/debated at times. - John Rockefeller, Business Representative/Organizer

-- John Rockefeller (, February 23, 2000.

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