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What is the Iceburg Profile and how does it differ from (POMS) Profile of Mood States?

-- Monte Koenigs (, February 23, 2000


The Iceberg Profile and the Profile of Mood States don't differ because they are 2 items that cannot be compared. The Iceberg Profile is a personality profile that was observed and then hypothesized that it would generalize to elite athletes based on their scores on the Profile of Mood States (POMS). Specifically, what Morgan found was elevation on the Vigor subscales with low scores on Depression, Anger, Confusion, Fatigue and Tension. Some people have argued if that was generalizable to non-elite (olympic level) athletes. My experience is that the normal high school athlete has some similarities. So, it's not how they differ that you really are asking, it is more what is the Iceberg Profile.

-- Mitch Abrams, Psy.D. (, February 23, 2000.

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