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Frontier is my ISP. Usual service is very reliable. This was a real surprise. This is from an explanatory email they sent their customers this afternoon:

An early morning fire in Rochester, New York damaged a portion of Frontier's fiber optic cable network, causing a service outage to Frontier Internet customers nationwide and Frontier long distance service in the Rochester area. The outage began February 23 at approximately 12:30am EST, and service was restored at approximately 1:30pm EST.

During this outage, Internet customers could make call attempts into local access numbers, but could not get connected through authentication, nor perform any Internet functions such as E-mail, Web, etc. The inability to get connected also generated high volumes of call attempts to our Internet Technical Support area. (snip)

-- Liz (, February 23, 2000


Thanks for the update Liz

-- Dee (, February 23, 2000.

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