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Take a look at this posting on our sister forum: A charmingly expressed note of uncertainty. The humans involved in IT are a special class. There appears to be a very high level of intuitive reasoning in the IT population: formal training may render this characteristic communicable in currently "acceptable"terms. Those without this training must rely on whatever mode of expression conveys their perceptions, analyses and conclusions based on data available to them.

Under no circumstances consider the application of the adverb "charmingly" as a denigration. This little posting and it's responses has the incisiveness of the declaration of the child who states categorically that the King is naked.

Is this posting evidence of a bond between human and machine on a broad population base? Are we as a species confident that we have "corrected" our "errant" silicon siblings? When LASCO C-3 was programmed into compliance, was every system that faithfully followed the 19100 date also forced into acceptable behavior? I am not a "bible thumper" but I do believe that seeing with a child's eyes reveals mysteries that remain hidden from those of us who think we have been instructed in the proper modes of perception and expression.And so Science leads us into the Face of God. For a species that has solved the problems associated with its machine community, there appears to be a great deal of unease with the behavior of Sol and his storms and the arrival of Leap Year. This is an issue of control: the human need to dominate. And yet, there is the awareness-expressed formally-that we deal with forces we cannot control. "There are more things in heaven and on earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy......" mike

-- mike in houston (, February 23, 2000

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