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I disagree with the Aristotle when he says that children are not happy because to be happy a complete life is required. I think that children see things more clearly than adults do, they don't have to worry about anything like school or work, I would be pretty happy. I also disagree with the statement that "you can not claim that life is good until the end, you can only claim that it is becoming a good life." Right now I am living my life so I am having a good life. If it is "becoming" a good life that what is it called now. The last part that I disagreed with was "happiness is desirable in itself and never for the sake of something else." I want to be happy, not only for myself, but because when I am happy the people around me have a better time. I agree with Aristotle when he said "To be happy you must have all virtues." People who lack some virtue may act happy but I don't think they really are! For instance the guy who cheats on his girlfriend may act like he happy about it but wait until he gets caught. One that I really agree with was "To be happy you must have character." most men think that wealth or fancy clothes makes them happy but all that is nothing if you have no character. If a business man has millions of dollars but he spent most of his time at the office so his family life suffers, he is not happy. Or if he has earned his millions by selling his friends out he has lost more than he has "earned." Another thought that I agree with is "A man may have everything but lack friends, or a man may have knowledge but lack some other traits." I know several people who have their parents buy them everything and they don't have to work, but nobody likes them because they are "stuck up." I also no people who get 4.0 in colleg but lack the common sense it takes to cross the street.

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2000

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