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Kashmiri militants have launched cyber war against India, says CIA Washington, February 27 (PTI)

KASHMIRI MILITANT groups have launched a "cyber war" against India, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has warned.

The separatists have hacked official government web pages and posted anti-government propaganda and pictures, John A Serabian, information operations issue manager, CIA, told the Joint Economic Committee of Congress this week. However, he did not give details. He said that Kurdish separatists in Greece and Turkey and Zapatista rebels in Mexico had also hacked government web pages and posted anti-government propaganda and pictures.

Serabian was appearing before the Joint Committee on the "major challenge" posed to the US in the next decade to find ways to defend the American infrastructure and protect its electronic commerce while maintaining an open society.

As to where the threat could come from, Serabian said, "Given the availability of sophisticated technology and the seemingly limited investment required, potential attackers can include national intelligence and military organisations, terrorists, criminals, industrial competitors, hackers and disgruntled insiders. Each of these potential adversaries is motivated by unique objectives,


-- Bill P (, February 28, 2000


Good post Bill. Thank you.

-- Dee (, February 28, 2000.

This is a great posting-thanks.

None of this is a laughing matter, but the mental image of all the "disgruntled" folks with access to technology and the skills to use IT coming together is reminiscent of that vehicle chase scene at the end of the "Pink Panther". Throw in all the intelligence agencies, kiddie krackers, e-merchants and us regular users and you have to wonder if the Net won't just burp and give up.

-- another government hack (, February 28, 2000.

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