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After reading the article on Islam the Road to Happiness I got the impression that we are unable to control our greed. It was said that our only pursuit in life is happiness and pleasure. The article makes it look like we are all greedy. We were asked in class if it is reasonable to believe that we are never satisfied? I think we can be satisfied but we will always take something better if it is offered. For instance when I graduate I will be satisfied with a salary of 25,000 but I will take 30,000 if it is offered. I really enjoyed this section by Chittister. My brother is a business man and he is constantley working, his explanation is you have to work to make money. He thinks I am lazy because I only work forty hours a week I told him I don't work on the weekend because it helps me keep my sanity. I agree with alot of the Benedictine rule he said that you must work because the world is not finished and it is ours. However there is one part I disagree with, he says that idleness is the enemy of the soul. I think that it is good to do nothing sometimes, just sit back have a beer and think about what a great day it has been. You should not do it for hours at a time a couple times a day! One part of this section I liked was when it said that the Sabbath equalized the rich and the poor because for one day nobody had to work, I never thought of it that way.

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2000

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