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I have been experiencing a lot of problems while printing Large Files out of Illustrator on our Macs to the Postershop Server. One particular problem occurs when I save a 200-300mb file in Photoshop as an photoshop eps/jpg. I place the file in Illustrator add text and Logos then print via MacConnect, (I have had a lot of glitches with WinConnect so I still prefer MacConnect).

Once I click print, This 200 mb file spools to the desktop and then to the server in under two or three minutes. Very nice speed which is required in our environment. However once it hits postershop server it only interprets about 2% then starts ripping and print is all screwed up. This only happens with jpg files. Is there something wrong with my set-up or is server not able to perform this task.

If I were to place the file as a .tiff or .psd, it will print fine but will tie up my Mac for 20 -30 minutes each panel. I've yet to move my pagefile on the server, would this make a difference.

-- Anonymous, March 11, 2000


Hi Chris,

what if you save your file as Postscript on the Mac and transfer it manually to the PC. When you open that file in Postershop Client does it crash? If not, you have a problem in the Connection Setup ( MacConnect, OpenTransport, Whatever). If the file also crashes, try different PPDs and different Versions of Laserwriter, Illustrator and even Photoshop. Maybe you can track down the problem when you change the setup. I am using MacOS 8.6 with original Laserwriter and stuff, Postershop 4.5 Server on Winnt4Server SP6 with WinConnect V2, Illustrator 8, Photoshop5 and I have none of your problems.

Cheers, Daniel

-- Anonymous, March 24, 2000

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