What are the best and worst things about your country?

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Since it's an election year in the US, I'm trying to think about the issues. I'm also interested in what's going on in other countries.

Worst things about the US, in my opinion:

- Irritating right-wing Christians are running amok, with their supposedly pro-life this and their anti-gay-marriage that. Tell me, is killing an abortion doctor supporting his right to life? Or beating someone to death for being gay? Didn't think so. I guess they're saying that it's okay for someone to be killed if he or she is disregarding their wishes, which, of course, would be difficult for an embryo to accomplish. Grr.

- Gun control is not, shall we say, optimal.

Best things:

- The economy seems to be doing well.

- Gosh, I'm negative this morning - I can't seem to think of much that I like about the US, but I know I like some things because I'm happy with living here. The system has generally worked for me so far. Hmmm. Well, one thing that's good about the US is that if you surround yourself with the kind of people you like, you can basically ignore segments of society that you find irritating. We're good at doing the society-within-a-society thing, at least, which is good as long as it doesn't lead to hate crimes. Which, in my case, it hasn't so far.

-- ann monroe (monroe@chorus.net), March 15, 2000


Best things about the U.S.: the diversity. I have met and befriended African Americans, Hispanics, Muslums, Buddhists, Pagans, Christians, transgendered people, sadomasochists, and just about every fun group you can think of. My parents are old hippies and my early childhood was full of tie die parties and people who lived in tents and tree houses. A great subculture. I'm not sure you can have such a variety of people, cultures, and subcultures in some other countries.

Worst things: there's a lot, I'm afraid. A rich nation like us really has no excuse for the way we treat our poor. Other countries that have far less than us manage to treat their poor with greater dignity than we do. It's the darker side of capitalism: material values and the consuming every available resource. The destructive organizations seem to have the most money: the Christian Coalition, the NRA, Procter & Gamble etc. Inner city schools are going to hell in a handbasket and Republicans seem to almost take a certain glee in that: voting out every possible helpful program. We have lots of work to do, but I do believe that our consciousness is slowly changing for the better.

-- Amy (joijoijoi@hotmail.com), April 03, 2000.

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