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My gggrandmother was Elizabeth Hunnicut who married Benjamin F. (possibly Franklin) Smith in NOrth CArolina, possibly Stanly County. I have heard that there are many Hunnicut Associations in the area. Hope someone can help me find out who Elizabeth's parents were. My sister thought possibly Dempsey Hunnicut was her father, but never found "proof" Any help would be appreciated. Benjamin and Elizabeth Hunnicut Smith eventually moved to Hardin County, Tenn where they appear in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census. Benjamin Smith thought to have had a brother Henry Harris(on) Smith. The brothers may have worked in gold mines somewhere in N.C.

-- Janean Johnson Cleveland (janean.cleveland@legis.state.wi.us), March 17, 2000


OOps, I made a mistake in my query. My sister thought Joseph was the father of Elizabeth and maybe Dempsey Hunnicutt was Joseph's father.

-- Janean Johnson Cleveland (janean.cleveland@legis.state.wi.us), March 20, 2000.

Dempsey and Ruth Huneycutt had a son named Joseph with his birth date given as 22 Mar 1789 in N.C. (no town name given). This may help you if you can find him listed any where. Dempsey and Ruth had 17 children. Dempsey was born about 1765 in Orange Co. N. C. and m. Ruth in same Co. Both of them are buried in Meadow Creek Premitive Baptist Church in Locust, N. C. This information is from a pedigree chart given to me by a researcher at the Kannspolis Library Cannon History Room. Hope this helps. The gold mine you referred to is the Famous Reed Gold Mine and is now a North Carolina Historical Site and very interesting to visit. It is located off Hwy 200 about 4 miles north of Locust, N. C. It is where the largest gold fine in America was ever recorded with a 28 lb nugget. Sandy Holland (a descandant of the Huneycutts)

-- Sandy Holland (sndhllnd@bellsouth.net), October 08, 2002.

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