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Hello, just got back from holidays with my dh.... Drove through the midwest at the top...down and across at the bottom. I am Canadian and must say" America is the beautiful" During our trip we say some beef farmers using recycled tires for some sort of feed container. We have beef and I am always looking for ideas to reuse/recycle. How are these made ? (Sort of looked turned inside out and must have a bottom to them.) Do they work well? I saw them in both IOWA and NEBRASKA. I would love to know. Thanks Faith

-- Faith (, March 17, 2000


What you saw were tractor tires turned inside out. Around here in No. Illinois there are guys with a machine that travel around to diferent areas on a circuit an flip tires to make feeders. They come to our local co-op here, maybe you could call around and find someone through your version of an extension agent. Good luck.

-- mike (, March 18, 2000.

First off, thanks for the nice compliments on the US. I have been in 30+ of the 50 states and most have beautiful scenery. I have also found much beauty in the Canadian Provinces that I have traveled. Now about the tires. Part of the side wall must be removed before the tires can be turned. The tire must be anchored down during the turning process, and a winch of some sort is then used for the actual turning. I've not turned any tires, but my brother did at his feed store. He lost his life to a swift cancer 3 years ago, so I can't ask him for more details of the turning process in order to help you further. Auto tires can also be turned and made into planter boxes, etc.

-- greenbeanman (, March 18, 2000.

Just go to the feed store. If they don't have some, I bet they will get some. Ask for price 1st. Thanks for the flowers. Have always wanted to take that cross-contintal train trip across Canada.

-- Okie-Dokie (, March 19, 2000.

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