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I have checked with the agriculture university in our state and lots of places on the web....but I still would like to hear from some "real people" who might have had dealings with miniature cattle....

Some of the regular cattle people here laughed at me when I mentioned miniatures....but I think if there are few breeders in this area of the country I could have a good milk cow while building a small herd which I could sell to hobby farmers or others who just think they could better handle a "smaller" animal...

My husband grew up with regular dairy cows back when his mama sold milk and buttermilk to all the neighbors....and he has weighed the difference between getting a "regular" cow versus miniatures....and he's open to the idea...

so if any of you have had experiences with miniature cattle, let me know!!! Thank you in advance!!! YOU ALL HAVE BEEN SO HELPFUL ON OTHER ISSUES!!!!

-- Suzy in 'bama (, March 22, 2000


Can you tell me the approximate size of these cows and how much milk they would give? I never heard of such a thing.

-- Pat (, March 22, 2000.

OneList has a group - - that might be able to connect you with people and information.

Good Luck

-- Connie (, March 22, 2000.

Hi Suzy, I just sold my one and only miniture, a hereford heifer. Because I had no papers I got $300.00 for her, and had she been a full size I could have got twice that. I had to deliver her 330 miles to a buyer (one way). This is cattle country and a hard place to try to sell a novelty cow. I will say that she was the absolute sweetest thing on the place and stood still while my two year old mauled her and hung off her head, etc. I ended up with her inadvertantly, and knowing what I know now I would never buy one intentionally. Anyway, if you decide to look into them more you might want to try Julie P.S. I desperately want a Jersey! The minis just dont stack up!

-- Julie (, March 23, 2000.

Suzy, I had no idea they had mini-milk cows. There are sveral meat- type cows the Irish Dexter and the Belted Galloway but never heard of the one that milk. Let me know what you find out. karen

-- Karen Mauk (, March 28, 2000.

Hey Girls, lend an ear, There are defintely miniature cattle and they are worth owning. We have Miniature Jerseys, and you can milk them. We also are building a herd of Miniature Kentshires which are black with white faces as beef cattle. We are just getting started but we welcome all inquiries and have a contact list that is growing steadily. They are easier to handle, make great pets, can be and are being put in milking lines in dairy barns and Americas eating habits are changing and they would like a steak to fit the plate instead of hanging over the edges. Get on the band wagon and read about them. They are the up and coming thing. We have some miniature Belmont cattle which is a Jersey and Irish dexter cross. They are a dual purpose miniature being both good dairy or beef animals. We love our little ones and will be glad to send pictures and answer any questions anyone may have about them. We got our start through the Countryside Magazine. Give us a jingle. Good Luck, and God Bless!!! Cowingly yours, Evalyn

-- Evalyn Frye (, June 27, 2000.

Lady in north MS area has miniature Hereford,miniature horses and Llamas for sale.Email me if you would like a price.

-- Bettie Ferguson (, January 22, 2001.

Hi Suzy. I have subscribed to the Miniature Cattle Breeders Newsletter for about a year. Yes, there are both meat and milk animals, BUT --- PRICES START AT $3000. PER COW!! No, that is not a typo. Sandy

-- Sandy in MN (, January 23, 2001.

Hi, I can get you a bred cow and bull for less than $3000.These are hereford.

-- Bettie Ferguson (, January 23, 2001.

Hi! I have a breeding pair of minerature Belfair (some call them Belmont) which is a cross between the small Jersey and the Irish Dexter, which is a dual purpose animal. They are a little costly but they are easy to handle. Even my bull is pretty tame. (He gets frisky once in a while, but I really don't have any problem with him. But I always am aware of his location, after all he is a bull.) I milked my cow when she first came fresh, she lost her calf in the harsh December weather. She and I learned about milking together, . . she gave great rich milk. There was an inch of nice cream. As I work all day I got her a bottle calf which is taking care of the milking now. I look forward to her next calf. . . born in warm weather. As I said, they are a bit costly, but people are wanting good smaller pieces of meat for the plate these days. I got my animals from Fonnie Thoman in Crown City, Ohio.

You might want to use the wed to search out the International Minerature Cattle Assn. and read about the different breeds.

Best of luck!

-- phyllis a. warman (, January 30, 2001.

I recommend getting into Miniature Cattle.I bought my first Miniature Dexter bull in October and named him Macho Gus. He is a doll.The biggest puppydog I've ever had. I am breeding him with my Jersey milk cows, results, Belmonts.I truely wish I would have been able to get a cross with him and my old Jersey (16) Jessiecow, but it was not ment to be.I lost her on New Years Eve and it broke my heart.I loved her dearly, she was my best friend and would hug me when I came out to give her some lovin.She would kill for Hoagie rolls.I would have given anything if I would have been able to get one last heifer from her and Gus.She was an excellent mother and passed that onto all her daughters she gave me.I have her last two.As unreplaceable as she will be I plan on trying to find another Jersey as good as she was to start my Miniature Jersey herd.With their small size it will allow me to have three times as many on my small acerage which is just dandy with me as I love my critters.Just wish I had more money as that would let me expand the way I'd like.I highly recommend these little cows to anyone that is "serious" about breeding quality,healthy,good natured,regisered Miniature Jerseys. Good luck to all and "God bless all the beasts and the children"

-- Victoria Leib (, February 25, 2001.

Hello again to Miniature cow lovers. We are still raising them. we are trying to promote the 4-H kids of America to purchase some miniature cows and get a class started for the fairs. Yes indeed they are smaller, gentle docile and easy to handle and more their size. We are still going for Jerseys and we are just about a uear away from getting our herd of pure Jerseys established. It has not been easy but so far well worth the effort. We have been laughed at also but perseverance is paying off. We have lived and learned. I attended Cow College for Humans at the University of Kentucky last year and have my certificate. We learned to do A-I, checking for pregnancy, and other very beneficial practices that you can do that saves on expenses of a vet. We love our mini's and will speak up for them at any time. We get 3 or 4 inquiries a week on them and I try to answer everyone to the best of my ability. Just ask away! We think it's the way to go. Still cowingly yours, Evalyn and her Mini's

-- Evalyn Frye (, March 09, 2001.

Would like to contact Belmont breeders to find out what blood lines your animals are. I have a small heard and will soon be needing to introduce some different lines. I have some for sale if anyone is interested.

-- little cattle co. (, January 06, 2002.

I raise mini cattle and have a bull calf for sale he is 1/2 standard (but small) jersey and 1/2 belfair. Mini cattle are a good choice but can be expensive, look out for ones that are so small they don't look natural something isn't right and cows should look like cows. if anyone wants to talk mini's email me.

-- Michelle Timm (, March 13, 2002.

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