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Title: Voltage dip knocks out computers

March 25, 2000

The 0.3-sec disruption, caused by equipment failure at PowerSeraya, affects most parts of Singapore. In other places, the lights just flickered


A MOMENTARY voltage dip yesterday afternoon led to failures of automated teller machines (ATMs), computer systems and equipment in several places around Singapore.

At other places, the dip was experienced as flickering lights.

Singapore Power (SP) said the 0.3-second power dip happened at about 2.40 pm and affected most parts of Singapore.

It was caused by equipment failure at its subsidiary, PowerSeraya, on Jurong Island.

Of seven banks contacted by The Straits Times, three -- DBS Bank, OCBC and Overseas Union Bank -- experienced problems because of the dip.

DBS said: "Our data centre was affected, resulting in a temporary disruption of our self-service banking facilities and some of our branches."

At the DBS branch office in Great World City, the lights blinked and went out for a few seconds, and all transactions usually done via the computer -- deposits, withdrawals, account openings and self-service banking -- could not be operated until about 4.30 pm.

The ATM machines just outside the office were also out of order during the 1-3/4 hours.

Branch manager Ng Ai Ping said: "Luckily, it was 15 minutes to closing and there weren't many customers.

"We took in cheque deposits but had to wait for the system to come back online before we could key them in."

The DBS head office had sent out an email informing the branch that the bank's main server was affected by an island-wide power glitch, she added.

OCBCBank said that a few of its ATMs were affected, while OUB said that 11 ATMs and five service centres were affected.

An SP spokesman said that some commercial buildings and residential areas may have needed to reset their circuit breakers to restore electrical equipment. One office in the Tanjong Pagar area reported that after the incident, several of its computers could not be turned on again and that staff would wait until Monday to check if they were in working condition.

Those who need help can call Power Supply hot-line on 1800-778-6666.

The spokesman added that SP was still investigating the extent of damage caused by the power dip.


-- (, March 25, 2000

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