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Do you watch too much television? If not, what you do instead? Tell us all about it here. (This forum question is connected to the GETTING MY KICKS AT FORTY-SIX! journal website, located at It has to do with the Sunday, March 26,2000, entry entitled: "Once Again... a TV Zombie.)

-- Zoomer of the journal website, GETTING MY KICKS AT FORTY-SIX! -- (, March 27, 2000


We have been in the "too much T.V." zone and decided to have the cable shut off. We miss our favorites, Discovery and Nickelodeon, but get on with it and do other things such as get to know each other better. We talk more, walk more, do more puzzles and coloring with Tracie. We do more arts and crafts. We make play doh and work in the yard. We have cats and play with and watch them. They can be really entertaining. I get frustrated with keeping my house clean too. I assign duties to Nik and even Tracie helps. Bill chips in with the kitchen on many occasions. But the main vein is MEEEE! I love it most of the time but, it can get to me as well. We often, (more of late) think about hooking up the cable again. The T.V. we do get is pretty fuzzy. With Summer coming on we will probably wait until winter again. I think it is a healthy thing if T.V. gets in the way of living a fuller quality of life. I enjoyed reading your web site. Talk to you later. Janie

-- Janie (, March 29, 2000.

Hi Jay, I thought I'd write a story here about my walk this morning instead of in a notebook or at my website or whatever.

Anyway I headed up toward the dam with the dog, up the dirt track, up the stony hills. We wound around looking down into the bush steeply dropping away on one side and steeply climbing up on the other.

There are lots of old mine workings around here.

I decided to get off the boring old track when I saw a steep rocky gully climbing up like stairs to my right. I took to this natural stairwell untill the bushes in it got too thick.

All of the plant life around here is as hard and rugged as the stones. Eucalypts and Bushmans Clothes Peg, poison bush and ironbark.

I made it to the top of the ridge and looked both ways. To my right I could see the town dam a few kilometers away. To my right I could see the other dam in the middle of an ocean of tree shrouded hills.

I decided to keep going on to an old mining track I knew. These old tin miners got to country even a mule couldn't get to.

But I don't have to do this, I just want to.

Its not like I come here everyday. That would be working.

-- netizen x (, May 02, 2000.

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