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David Sunfellow of New Heaven New Earth is collecting last thoughts before he completes his Y2K listserve. He writes: << I feel good about these efforts but continue to wonder at how poorly many of us (including me) misjudged the outcome of Y2K. I also alternate, wildly, between feeling all is well in the universe, on the one hand, with a deep and abiding concern that human kind is headed for serious, possibly specie-threatening disasters, on the other. >>

My response: My feelings are mixed, too. On the one hand, I feel good about the self-negating prophecy that Y2K became; I feel good about the common challenge that brought people together within organizations, among organizations, within nations, and among nations. I am thrilled where we "built community, not crises." And I have no remorse about the extensive efforts and cost in time and money that I invested, although it may take years to dig out of a financial hole. I value greatly our learnings about what people - including myself - are unable or unwilling to see about what is occuring or will occur.

On the other hand, I doubt that Y2K is "over". While our culture continues to avoid acknowledging Y2K like a plague, unexplained breakdowns continue to emerge - in patterns predicted by Y2K analysts last year. Explanation is lacking for "why more didn't happen." That lack of explanation should be a red flag inviting "what aren't we noticing, what aren't we connecting." Dismissing Y2K as impotent is premature, in my opinion.

Many questions and explanations for "why more didn't happen... YET " bear watching. Here's one: What is the leadtime between the time that time-encoded embedded chips are manufactured, and the time that they are connected to a system with a power source to keep time ticking? Based on that leadtime, when might one expect embedded system breakdowns to occur?

I am one of those still on watch, who continue to collect data and reports about infrastructure disruptions, searching for patterns and connections. And like sailors on watch, we need not find the iceberg worthy of sounding an alarm to validate our work. Occasional and serious visitors alike are welcome at and at //

David, I share your concerns "that human kind is headed for serious, possibly specie-threatening disasters." Environmentally, economically, socially and spiritually.

I never understood why lemmings did what they did before. I'm beginning to. As I participate in humanity's self-afflicted extinction, I notice that I am: Deepening my understanding and awareness, but not all my actions. Turned off by consumerism, pettiness, arrogance and homocentricity. Frustrated by defensive or antagonistic minds demanding proof for inevitable consequences. Speaking up, often, but not always. Torn between beating a drum, and providing for just my own loved ones. Applying the lessons learned from Y2K in a bigger game.

-- Jan Nickerson (, March 28, 2000

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