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Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, I pulled the plug on NHNE's Y2K AfterThoughts List, and Y2K Grassroots List -- and now it's time to wrap up this list. [GICC SYSOP note: David is speaking about HIS Y2K list, NOT GICC. GICC plans to continue, strong, indefintely.]

This list officially began in July of 1998. It is the largest, oldest, most heavily-used of all our Y2K lists. All together, over a thousand hand-picked messages were sent to this list. My primary goal was to provide fair, accurate, helpful, timely, and inspiring information concerning all aspects of Y2K. I feel good about these efforts but continue to wonder at how poorly many of us (including me) misjudged the outcome of Y2K. I also alternate, wildly, between feeling all is well in the universe, on the one hand, with a deep and abiding concern that human kind is headed for serious, possibly specie-threatening disasters, on the other. But that's another story.

I ended our other Y2K lists with little fanfare. With this list, however, I wanted to give those of you who are interested one last opportunity to share any words of wisdom you might have. If you do have something to share, please keep it short and to the point. A few days from now, I will send out one more post to this list consisting of the responses I receive. And then it is on to new things.

As for me and NHNE, you can stay in touch by joining one of our other active lists (if you haven't done so already) and you can find out more about these lists, including how to join, by visiting the NHNE "Pulse" Website:

And that's it for now.

My sincere thanks to all of you for sharing this bumpy adventure with me. No doubt our paths will cross again...

With Love & Best Wishes, David Sunfellow

-- Jan Nickerson (, March 28, 2000

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