lead management?

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what is lead management and how could it be applied to elementary school teaching?

-- susan koma (mskoma@home.com), March 28, 2000


Susan, lead management is based on internal control psychology rather than external. People do what they choose to do, not what someone tries to "make" them do. In a school situation this means that no teacher can ever "make" a child learn. What we can do as teachers is help the pupils put the subject material, learning itself, the school and event the teacher in their "quality world". This we can do by encouraging quality in their work (instead of aiming for a pass grade in an examination) and need satisfaction in the work environment. The focus will be on helping children learn to evaluate their own work instead of looking to external reward/punishment schemes. If you're not familiar with Glasser's work on education have a peek at "The Quality School", "The Quality School Teacher" and the historically very significant work "Schools without failure". Brad Greene's book on "New Paradigms for Creating Quality Schools" makes very good follow up reading, written by an experienced principal. The Huntingwood Elementary School has a fine book too.

-- Brian Lennon (blennon@indigo.ie), March 29, 2000.

Actually the first step is getting consencous from the teachers and administration as to what it is and how to apply it. The way capitalism is going these days we are getting farther and farther from IC Psychology.

In regards to teaching I think the most important step is to find out the needs and interests of the students. Group feed back and agreement is next. Once you give freedom its hard to do otherwise. Good luck!

-- Jim Lowerison (jalowerison@hotmail.com), February 23, 2004.

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