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Faulty Cable Leaves 2,300 Without Power


A faulty underground cable caused about 2,300 customers in western Ventura to lose power for nearly two hours Tuesday morning, Southern California Edison officials reported.

The outage occurred at 9:52 a.m. and affected customers north to Orchard Drive just beyond the city limit, south to Santa Clara Street, west to Ventura Avenue and east to Crimea Street, said company spokeswoman Nancy Williams.

As of late Tuesday, 33 customers, mostly homes near the intersection of Summit Drive and Kalorama Drive, were still without power. Williams said service should be restored no later than this morning. "I know this is an inconvenience to everybody and we are very sensitive to that. We are working as quickly as possible to get everybody back up," Williams said.

No major problems were reported during the outage, Williams said. Not all customers in the affected area lost power, but Ventura City Hall and some shops along Main Street had to temporarily suspend business.

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-- (, March 29, 2000

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