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I have an Erte Guache dated 1925. on the rev it has composition originals [white(sticker stamped)] 377 then blue stamped Erte Romain De Tirtoff,124 Rue De Brancas sevres (S.&.O) Ink signed Les Fourrures Ink signed again La Panthere No 828. How do I go about finding the history and approximate value of this piece.

Image is of a female in a leopard type dress and headdress


-- Jop Jung (, March 30, 2000


Hello, I am a fan of Erte's art. I have a tattoo on my arm of one of his gowns and would like to get the leopard gown on my other arm. If you have any way of emailing me a picture of it that would be increadible. If not that's O.K.. The Franklin Mint made an Erte collectors pen with that picture on it. Thank you, Jennifer A. Hebb

-- Jennifer A Hebb (, August 20, 2001.

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