Goddess of the Mountain

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In 1968 I found a beautiful print. It was in the original frame and on the back was the title "Goddess of the Mountain". It appears to be an original litho. The only identification of the makers is to the bottom left of the print where there is M&R Inc. NY. The name Packer is in the bottom right. I have seen a terrible repro since but I have never found reference to Packer or M&R Inc. If some one would be so kind to share information they may have on this artist I would appreciate it! Thanks, Ned

-- Edward F. ChilmonikII (nedc@ncidata.com), April 01, 2000


Ned, I recently found what I believe to be a copy of the very same print you describe regarding the Goddess of the Mountains. I truly consider it a treasure and was very happy when I found your inquirey. The only information I can add are bits and pieces of labels that are in addition to the "Legend of the Goddess of the Mountains" that appears on the back. On one label it reads VANSUL - Rubber Colors Pigmen - 37 and 41 Water Street - Phone: Whitehall 87 - What appears to be half of this label was torn off. On the other label it reads WILSON Artistic Frames, 39 Vesel St., N.Y. Please note the l in Vesel is a guess because the only letters legible are VESE for the street. If you need a clarification pleast let me know. Also I cannot read the last paragraph in the "Legend of the Goddess of the Mountains." Can you provide this information. My print measures approximately 9" X 14" and appears to be in the original frame without glass cover. Please provide any additional info that you may have and if I can be of further assistance please contact me. Thank you.

-- Carole Daniels (chdaniels@netzero.net), July 11, 2001.

I was very pleased to find your information, as just this week I purchased a large print, frame size approx. 23 x 35 which is undoubtedly the same print to which you refer. The print has a centered Erte-style woman facing right, in front of three arches overlooking what appears to be the German Alps and Neuschwanstein castle (small) on the right. A Maxfield Parrish-type urn (vase) is on the exteme right and left. The name Packer is distinctly printed in gold under the right urn with a strip of deco graphics directly above it. On the far left is the copyright sign and M & B Inc., NY. I believe the second letter is a B rather than an R even though the bottom is not entirely closed. Please let me know if you have learned any information after your initial inquiry, and I will update you on any information I find. I am unterested in the size of your print, and whether the frame is like mine. Mine is very deco with gold linear decorating in each corner over a black fish-scale style frame. Thank you. J. Schobert

-- Jan Schobert (rschobert@mchsi.com), July 05, 2002.

The artwork you have, "Goddess of the Mountain", is by Fred L. Packer. He also is known for his artwork from the "mavis" perfume adds from 1920. I am still attempting to find more information on him.

-- Patrick Hager (ergsum@aol.com), March 19, 2003.

Just saw this same print you speak of today in a Southern Illinois antique mall with a killer art deco frame priced............... 2,895.00!!

-- Thomas Pearce (tmpearce@ll.net), August 03, 2004.

I work in a museum in my town. It's an old house with most of the original furnishings, and the owner had taken this print and reconstructed the background with the wings from blue morpho butterflies. It is absolutely astounding, and we didn't know anything about the artist, so I'm doing a search right now. ~J~

-- Jill Brianne (pyrochic27@yahoo.com), November 06, 2004.

PS. If anyone has any more information on this print or artist, please let me know. ~J~

-- Jill Brianne (pyrochic27@yahoo.com), November 06, 2004.

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