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Hi, I'm writing an assignment on how physical activity and training affect mental health. Does physical activity help people with stressmanagement, anxiety, depression and other major or minor disorders?

If anyone can help me with info or links on the web I would be very greatful. THANKS A LOT!!!

-- Kenneth Kristiansen (kennyk1@hotmail.no), April 03, 2000


Kenneth, There was a review a couple of years ago in Psych. Bulletin or Review on effects on cognitive functioning. Several books out on mental health consequences. American Psychological Association recently published Working It Out by Kate Hayes on using exercise for psychotherapeutic purposes. I am trying to find study which showed that weight lifting helped insomnia while jogging worsened it . If you notice it , please send me the reference. Good luck on your paper. Sincerely, Jim

-- James F. Smith, Ph.D. (jfsphd @ Yahoo.com), May 30, 2000.

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