Would I benefit from working with a sports psychologist?

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I am a high jumper. I have been stuck at 1.85. Is there anybody out there who could recomend a sports psychologist who could maybe help?

-- George (georgesmith@hotmail.com), April 07, 2000



I depends on why you have plateau'd at 1.85m. If you have a good coach and your run up and take off are good, ie smooth, fast and with a quick last 3 strides etc, then the reason you are stuck at 1.85 may have something to do with your thinking.

As I don't know where you are its hard to recommend someone!

It sounds like if you are thinking it might help then there is a good chance it will - but don't expect a quick fix!

Finally get you coach to put the bar up at variety of different heights during training and not tell you how high the bar is, eventually put it to 1.88 or 1.90 and see how you jump when you don't know the height of the bar.

good luck adam

-- adam hall (a.hall@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au), April 13, 2000.

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