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Title: Unscheduled Load-Shedding


The Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited has introduced unscheduled load shedding of 90 minutes per day throughout the state from Saturday night.

The power cuts became imperative due to the shortages caused by the outage of four generating units at the Nagjhari Power House and one at the Raichur Thermal Power Station (RTPS) on April 7.

There is a shortfall of about 750 MW in the state due to the outage of four units at NPH with a capacity of 135 MW each and one unit at RTPS of 210 MW capacity, states a press release from the KPTCL.

KPTCL additional secretary B T Jnaneswar told Deccan Herald that each power supply feeder in the state would be closed for about 45 minutes during peak hours in the morning and for a similar duration at night to maintain system stability.

He said that the outage at the Nagjhari Power House was caused by the bursting of interconnecting current transformers. The bursting damaged other equipment and efforts were on to restore power generation, he said. Similarly the RTPS outage was caused by a boiler problem and a group of experts were already working on it, he added.

The load shedding would continue till the restoration of the power generating units, he said and expressed hope that the RTPS unit might restore power generation by tomorrow.

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-- (, April 09, 2000


There seems to be all kinds of infrastructure failures on that portion of the Asian continent consisting of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India the past few weeks.


-- Uncle Fred (, April 10, 2000.

I've wondered about that too. Why the Asian sub-continent? It seems to be a regional conflagration there.

-- Wellesley (, April 10, 2000.

It stands to reason that Asia might be particularly hit by a lot of computer-related glitches considering the deep economic recession they were suffering through while the rest of the world was working on the Y2K problem.

-- (, April 11, 2000.

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