Texas: Motiva Refinery's Catalytic Cracker Down Until Friday

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Motiva Catalytic Cracker Down Until Friday

Princeton, New Jersey, April 10 (Bloomberg Energy)-- The following refinery unit won't resume production at least until Friday:

Company: Motiva Enterprises LLC Location: Port Arthur, Texas

Unit Type: Fluid Catalytic Cracker

Output: 0 barrels a day

Capacity: 83,000 barrels a day

Date Down: March 29, 2000

Event: The unit was shut for compressor repairs and will remain shut at least until Friday.


-- Carl Jenkins (Somewherepress@aol.com), April 11, 2000


Overall refinery utilization is supposed to be back up to 91% of capacity, after lagging in the mid-80's for most of this year so far. Has anybody seen anything on this?

It's been reported that Richardson has been brow beating the refineries into delaying their usual late winter / early spring maintenance so's to keep the populace and politicians off Clinton's back about sky high summer gas prices, and, maybe, gas lines. I guess it figures.

-- Uncle Fred (dogboy45@bigfoot.com), April 11, 2000.

The refinery failure situation here in the U.S. seems to have eased off a little.

I wish there were some hard news on China. Rumor has it that their refineries are falling apart, but nobody seems to be able to confirm anything.

-- Billiver (billiver@aol.com), April 11, 2000.

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