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Hanging on a wall in my parent's basement, my husband and I saw an absolutely beautiful, large, square (almost rectangular?) (approx. 4ft. long by 4.ft wide)art deco mirror. It is very heavy! It has an approximate 4 inch border made of cobalt blue mirror that frames the mirror along its edges. In the four corners of the mirror, in the cobalt blue mirror area, it has the classic art deco-era silver cigar-shaped pieces that are approximately 4-5 inches in length. These silver pieces now have a wonderful patina to them. It is in absolute mint condition -- here's why: my mother tells me that she and my father purchased it sometime in the 1940's, and remembers the salesman telling them it was from the late 1920's to early 1930's. After they purchased it, my mother tells me they hung it in the living room for a while, but never really liked it, so they hung it in the basement in 1961 (almost 40 years ago!). It hung there until last year when my husband asked her for it and she gave it to us. I have never ever seen anything like it. It is simply stunning. It has no markings, labels, id.'s, etc. on it. Does anyone have any info. on this mirror? It is definitely from the art deco period. We're curious as to it's value. Any info. is appreciated. Thanks!

-- Debbie Mobrley (, April 13, 2000


my understanding is that the term "COBALT BLUE MIRROR" derives from the practice of making mirros with actual cobalt in them, a practice which I've heard is now out of date or illegal or some such thing. you can tell real mirror from what is currently passed off as the same by looking at it in the light--mirror with cobalt is actually purplish under the light. these were popular in commercial establishments, especially bars. Why I don't know--maybe it made smoke look good or something. i bought 1 of 2 panels in an Alexandria store about 15 years ago. My friend bought the other-- FedEx broke it trying to get it to her home in Chicago. I took it to a place in Gaithersburg to have it re-silvered--a process where they bathe the mirror in acid, take off the old silver, and re-silver the back and I still have the piece hanging in my apt. Yes, it weighs a ton, as evidenced by the metal inside the glass. That's what I've heard.

-- stephanie (, June 22, 2001.

many mirrors and mirrored objects were made during the twenties and thirties, and have become highly collectible, especially when in good condition. Mirrors were also made in peach, and green, the latter two colors being even harder to find, particularly in the US. I recently purchased a round peach colored mirror in good condition (but not perfect) appr. 24 inches in diameter. I was delighted to find it, as I had looked for one for about two years. Extremely collectible are deco era radios, covered in such mirrored glass. They sell for thousands of dollars. Small clocks are much more readily available, though, and are frequently for sale on ebay. The glass was also used for table tops, and if you love it, as I do, small occasional tables and coffee tables can be found fairly readily. Enjoy your mirror; it sounds beautiful!

-- marilyn fletcher (, July 11, 2001.

I have aquired a table with a blue mirror glass top. It apears to be made of walnut and is in excellent condition. Deffinately of the art deco period you have spoke of. It is about 20 x 30 inches. I would like to sell it. However I need to find some documented information on its value. Can anyone help? Katherine

-- Katherine Sims (, March 31, 2002.

I too have a coffee table and an end table with the cobolt blue mirror top and don't know where to find more information about them. My neighbor said they don't make them any more because of the amount of lead and copper used.We feel these tables are about 87 years old. My husbands grandmother was married in 1916 ,we feel that this furniture was part of her wedding presents. Contact me if you found out more info on them. Thanks Kathy

-- Kathy Carasso (, November 10, 2003.

These are also called "Galena Blue" mirrors. I really can't find a source for the glass, and I fear that no one makes it these days. It is absolutely fantastic mirroring.

I have several round mirrors. The glass is almost 1/2 inches thick, whrh Galens Blue Chevrons at either side, carved and engraved. The mirror is absolutely flawless. If you think a standard mirror is heavy, try a three foot diameter item.


-- Robert Maxey (, December 17, 2003.

Hi, In the mid 1980's, I was wallpapering and decorating a master bathroom in an original Art Deco house in a nice part of town. In a recessed wall area was a beautiful mirror with the cobalt mirror on all the sides (2 1/2") 26" square. This was original to the house. My customer was a young couple and she wanted "that old thing removed and new mirror with glass shelves over, in it's place. She offered it to me and of course, I didn't hesitate. The only one I've seen that was similar, was at a big antique show in the mid 1980's and it was priced somewhere around $500.-600. Mine has clear glass rosettes holding the blue on and smaller blue glass rosettes holding the clear glass on the backing board. I love it but my boyfriend of 11 years doesn't. I may sell it at some point. Yours sounds fabulous. I guess if everyone loved them they would'nt be so scarce. I hope this is of interest to you. There are no names or labels on the back of mine either. Denise

-- Denise Reno (, June 04, 2004.

I am looking for blue mirrors.If you ever decide to sell it let me know .I also like peach or pink mirrors also .Thanks ,Carol

-- Carol Copeland (, October 30, 2004.

i've been looking for 2 years for this special mirror my boyfriend's grandmother had, probably 30" in diameter round beveled wall mirror with white etch swan and cattails,it to also had blue on the bottom part of the mirror for the water, i'm assuming cobalt for he's 48years old and in the picture grandmother is holding him as a baby with this mirror in the background...if anyone has any information on how to locate this mirror for our wedding please do so...thank-you so much. carole j. kennedy

-- carole j. kennedy (, January 08, 2005.

Hello Carole, I am glad I could help you find that special Blue Mirror with cat tails and a swan that you have been looking for for so long. I am always looking for unusual ones and glad I could help you, best regards to you , Carol Copeland

-- Carol Copeland (, February 23, 2005.

I have 3 Art Deco tables, they belonged to my Grandparents, married around 1818 - 1900. The tables are Walnut with curver or bent wood pedestel legs. I want to restore them, the blue mirrored tops broke over the years, I live in Queens County, New York. Can anyone help, I can install the mirror tops but want to know where I can buy the blue mirror? Thanks, Ken

-- Ken Rehebrger (, March 15, 2005.

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