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How does psychology help an athlete to achieve their best potential. Is it essentia to use psychology to improve or maintain a high standard of skill. Some people say that elite athletes are born athletes and do not need psychology to succeed. How do I prove that you need psychology in sport to succeed at a high standard?

-- Sharon Crossfield (, April 14, 2000


I do not feel you need psychology to maintain a high standard of skill. I have a set of nine year old twins that play ice hockey. They have always had the same clinics and the same opportunities at the rink. One child has gone on this year to be a AAAplayer while the other twin is on a B2 team. They have always had the same opportunities but one is more athletic. Most people feel they are just born this way. One has more inner desire to do well. He does not need anyone using and psychology to make him they way he just thrives on his own desire to be a great athlete in everything he plays. I don't know if I have helped you any but that is my own personal experience in my four years of hockey.

-- (, June 07, 2000.

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