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my spiritual teacher's birthday is coming up, and it is a big event in our community. A few of us are hoping to buy him the following gift: when he was a child, he has a very intense memory of seeing a blue glass object on the desk of a relative. He describes it as a sapphire blue crystal, large enough to fill a child's hand, in the shape of a gemstone (oval, I believe, with facets cut out of it. It could have been functioning as a paperweight, but it also may have been standing on its own, as an art piece. He said that the way that it caught the light was remarkable, and altogether it was very striking. He suggested that it could be some genre of deco art, as this was the early 40's when he remembers seeing it. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Know where I might find such an object?

-- elizabeth solliday (, April 18, 2000

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