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I have an SX-70 Polaroid Land Camera-Alpha (Sears Special) from the early 1970's. When I put in a new pack of film and close it, the film just flies out, one after another. This camera is a brown leather-like case that you hold on either side of the view finder, pull up and it opens. I've called a few photo specialty shops and have gotten the same answer from them all-throw it away and start over! Is there anything that can fix this, or should I do what they suggest? It sure came in handy for quick necessary shots Thanks!

-- Mary Bartholomew (, April 22, 2000


Mary, you might try calling Polaroid's technical assistance at 1-800-343-5000. Explain the problem to them. They have a repair department for their cameras. I have had several SX-70's repaired by them at a cost of about $50 each. I, however, did not have your problem. Good luck, Cyn

-- Cynthia Davis (, April 25, 2000.

I don't know if this will help, in fact I think it won't, but I have a Polaroid Spectra 2 that got doused in water. When I tried to use it the same thing that you described happend to me too. I let it dry out and the problem went away, I guess that probably won't work for you, but at least you're not alone Eh?

-- Kristina Friesen (, May 05, 2001.

I also have an SX-70 Polaroid Camera which works perfectly. While looking in GOOGLE for anyone who has Sylvania Flash bars for sale I happened on your problem. Have you gotten it fixed in the interim? Sounds to me like that little red button you press to take a photo is stuck in the ON position. That is, the contacts it closes when you press it are ALWAYS closed (shorted together). A Polaroid tech should be able to fix it immediately, but might charge you a minimum exorbitant fee even if it takes him only a couple of minutes. If you have a mechanically-dextrous friend, maybe he might do it for free. You're welcome. David in Austria.

-- David Koblick (, August 03, 2001.

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