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Title: Kenya's Y2K Center to Become Think-Tank

Story Filed: Monday, April 24, 2000 3:15 AM EST

NAIROBI (April 24) XINHUA - Kenya will convert the Year 2000 Council to an information technology center to address socio-economic problems.

The conversion of the Y2K center into a think-tank has already been approved and a team of four experts is to be appointed to work out the modalities of its operation, the latest weekly newspaper East African reported on Monday.

The team will comprise of representatives from the Treasury Ministry, the Central Bank of Kenya, the private sector and relevant information technology institutions.

This follows calls from the experts that the experience gained from the millenium bug management be adopted in dealing with such issues as poverty alleviation.

Development of information technology should become a national initiative driven by the public and private sectors, according to the final report by the Y2K Council released last week.



-- (, April 24, 2000

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