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Posted at the request of Jack W.

Subj: Re: Postings Date: 04/23/2000 8:09:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: (Joan Payne) To:

Martin, your stuff is GREAT. We NEED you. GICC is virtually the only place left to get concentrated y2k news

And, according to my personal Index of MAJOR incidences, these are still BUILDING UP. ( I clock no trifles like a county tax problem, an incorrect web date, or a small company breakdown--only the BIG stuff, like gas line explosions, etc.) This Index showed a high of 37 the week ending Feb. 19--a high of 46 the week ending March 18--and, for this month, April, the high has been 54 the week ending April 15.

Much of the information I record comes from GICC. GICC is ofVITAL importance, and may, eventually go down in history as THE archivefor y2k information, which, may-- yet--change history.

--JackWSubj: Re: Postings Date: 04/23/2000 11:37:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: (Joan Payne) To:


I repeat, my Index of BIG "technical failure" happenings is going UP, not down. And, I ONLY record STRONG POSSIBILITIES, such as 2 ocean-going vessels colliding in clear weather.

I am smart enough to discern what is likely "technical failure" caused and what is not. And, I'm sure most other readers are, too. Main thing is to play the old, time-honored Law of Averages. We NEED lots of posts--uncensored posts--in order to draw some significant conclusions. Like what I am doing, right now. (Examples: I have picked up on many hints from stock market stories that lead right into supply chain troubles, that have their origin in "technical problems." THIS WAS ONE OF THE BIG THINGS Y2K WAS ALL ABOUT--RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING.)

-- Martin Thompson (, April 24, 2000


Here, here! Hear, hear! Or, is it hear, here?

-- Billiver (, April 24, 2000.

I read this forum every day and really appreciate the in-depth coverage of everything - and I mean everything - that might in any way be even remotely connected to a y2k problem.

I sure hope everything will continue as it has. There doesn't seem to be any other place to go anymore to get this kind of information.

-- LillyLP (, April 24, 2000.

After some minor difficulties with the forum monitors I decided to jump back into posting. Wouldnt't want to miss something.

Thanks Jack


-- Martin Thompson (, April 24, 2000.

I followed JackW all of last year on the old Michael Hyatt board. He's written some fifty books on business and finance, and I think he knows what he's talking about.

-- Uncle Fred (, April 24, 2000.

Very often you have to dig into the heart and guts of a news report to come up with a possible y2k connection. These are often labeled technical failures these days, but, I think we all know what that means. The stories here give us the means to do so. And, I, too, think I have enough intelligence to wade through the many interesting news stories and decide for myself whether or not there is a y2k connection.

It seems to me, too, that, surprisingly, the more serious stuff is picking up a bit. Has anybody noticed lately the pick up in power outage stories, after a long absence?

-- Wellesley (, April 24, 2000.

Yes, I've been wondering about power outages. These were notoriously absent right after the first of the year when so many people thought the lights would go out everywhere. But, now they seem to be picking up, albeit slowly. I talked to a cousin in Northern California today who said they had an outage two days running of about an hour apiece. And, they hadn't had one that lasted for more than a few seconds at any one time in the past ten years. He lives in a small town which never makes the national news. I sure would like to know if the same thig is happening in a lot of other small towns around the country.

You've got to wonder a little bit about stuff like that.

-- Loner (, April 25, 2000.

Sure glad you're back, Martin. Now maybe my running Index can continue with a fair degree of accuracy.

The single day numbers confirm the big-week totals. Here's what I mean: Biggest number of BIG y2k incidents in February occurred on Feb. 15--7. Biggest day for March was March 13--12. And, the biggest day for April, so far, has been April 11--13.

So, you see, DESPITE all the post mortems on y2k--it having been a "hoax" and all that--there are some intriguing things building up beneath the surface that are going to ERUPT one of these days. And, make liars out of a LOT of people.

Now, to complete the circle of reportage, to stay up with all of this, we desperately need Carl Jenkins back. Now that Homer Beanfang is gone, we cannot afford to lose Carl too. He's got as hard a nose for PERTINENT news as I've ever seen. Carl, if you read this, PLEASE DON'T DESERT US.

-- JackW (, April 25, 2000.

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