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I read that the finding of King Tut's tomb and all of the vast quanity of artifact influenced Art Deco, can you provide me with examples of this influence? Thank You

-- Lenny Mazzone (, May 03, 2000


A couple of possible examples where this influence is somewhat in evidence are the use of Egyptian/"somewhat Deco" designs for cinemas.

There were several in the USA, notably Graumans Egyptian (1922) in LA, Peery's Egyptian (1924) in Ogden Utah and one or two in Europe. It is a long time since I saw the earlier movie Cleopatra, the version with Claudette Colbert, not Liz Taylor but that is sometimes cited as being fairly deco in style also. Of course shiny, slinky, long metallic dresses are common to both this film and the 1920's.

In practice this egyptian influnce does not seem as profound as the influence of Mayan archaeological discoveries on the deco style, where the stepped pyramid is everywhere.

Art Deco Ireland

-- R Bradshaw (, May 07, 2000.


-- michelle sanderson (, January 27, 2003.

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