heifer ready to calve?

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hi i'm trying to figure out how much longer till our first time heifer will calf? her bag seems full how long does it usualy take after that?thanks cindy

-- cindy young (cin_sue63@webtv.net), May 09, 2000


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the average gestation period for cattle is 285 days (approx. 9.5 mos). rather hard to tell going by the bag's appearance alone. Look at her right side, too. As she nears calving time, it will begin to stick farther out than the left side. Keep your eye on the bag, though. If she is docile enough, check for milk periodically by actually trying to get milk from a quarter or two. A few days before delivery she will begin to produce colostrum, and a few drops should come out. Also watch the vulva. It will increase in size as she approaches her due date. Good Luck with her. Nmays

-- N Mays (mays@raptor.afsc.k12.ar.us), May 10, 2000.

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Also the area around the top of the tail will appear sunken as she gets closer, and you may see a bit of discharge. But you can't always go on when the colostrum starts. One of our goats was so full two weeks before she kidded that I had to milk her out a couple of times. I was worried about the kids not getting colostrum -- don't know if they keep making more until after the birth. But they did fine.

-- Kathleen Sanderson (stonycft@worldpath.net), May 10, 2000.

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All this seems like good advice. I'm not shure I would try to milk the colostrum befor calving. Just befor she calves her tail will try to stand up & she will get real nervous & may be walk around in circles. When she actually goes into labor she will lay down to have the calf.

-- Okie-Dokie (www.tommycflinstone@aol.com), May 14, 2000.

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