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Title: Information on Refunds is Confusing

Source: The Straits Times Interactive: Forum, May 12, 2000

I AM dismayed that the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit System (SMRT) overcharged commuters owing to a computer glitch and by its unsatisfactory attempt to make amends.

There has not been a single word of apology from the company, and the information on refunds is confusing.

How will commuters know if they were overcharged since most of them do not check the fare display at the gate?

Could there have been other instances when the SMRT inadvertently overcharged commuters that nobody is aware of?

Our transport operators claim that they are world-class. But they are far from it.

It is absurd that the SMRT justified its fare hike by citing lower cabin temperatures and free use of its upgraded toilets.

It is arrogant and takes its loyal customers for granted. The customer is king only if you are not a commuter.



-- (, May 12, 2000

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