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I dealt with the coldwell banker in Westland MI. Upon signing the agreement with my agent, the trouble began. She set up a meeting to go through the house at 2pm it came and went she did not show up. I called her pager and she never returned the call until 6:30, she explained that she forgot about the appointment and her pager wasn't working. I set up another appointment with her to go through the house and she called 5 hours later, she AGAIN missed the appointment and said she had a family emergency. I was very annoyed with her, because she needed to see the house to write the flyer that goes into the description box with the information about the home. She was very disconcerned that my home was not getting the exposure needed to sell it. Next, the time the home was shown she WAS NEVER PRESENT TO DO HER JOB AND REPRESENT THE HOUSE. Finally the house went into negotiation and she never advised me or gave me any kind of feedback about the offer which an agent acting on behalf of a seller is supposed to do. She told me that the buyer was pre-approved and we enter into a contract, when in actuality he was pre-qualified and I was tied to a contract with a man who may or may not get the funds needed to buy the home. Which meant that I was unble to show the house to other potential buyers. At no time did the agent perform as a agent and all she did was tell me lies regarding the sale of my home. As an agent she was supposed to go to the city and obtain the certificate of occupancy, she never went I had to go several times to the city myself and stress out over the sale of the home. Finally, she went to the city, one time and was frazzled with the run around the city was giving her, I had dealt with that for weeks. SHE NEVER DID HER JOB AS AN AGENT AND I RESENT HAVING TO PAY HER MONEY FOR A JOB NOT PREFORMED. The night before closing the buyer was supposed to come to the house for the final inspection, again we waited and no one had arrived. I got on the phone to contact the agent and she was not in the office, I called the buyers agent who informed me that the buyer had cancelled the appointment and that they notified my agent much earlier in the day and she was supposed to contact me and let me know, SURPRISE, she never contacted me. Whats new, has she ever done her job through the entire fiasco, NO! The day of closing I had to leave money in escrow with the lender to have cement work done on the home. The broker ensured me the monies would be returned and signed a contract if I did not receive the monies within two weeks of the works completion, he would take the money out of his pocket and return it to me. The work was completed in the first part of April and I have not received my money back as of May 16. I contacted Mr. Edward D. Martin and explained that the work was complete and I have not received my money. I was explaining that I had nothing but problems with the agent and it was do time for monies to be returned, his response "why don't you go to another agent and see if they will get your money back for you". He was extremely rude and telling me to go to another agent to get my money back after he signed a contract to return my money, how is that for professionalism. Please be advised to think twice before doing business with the Westland MI branch of Coldwell Banker!

-- Connie McDowell (leighmc1111@aol.com), May 15, 2000


And you think Westland is the only unprofessional office? You should see the amateurish, unprofessional attitude of the crowd in Fairfield Connecticut!

I had similar story to yours where I felt forced to pay for mediocre service! Not to linger ...just take my advice and avoid Coldwell Banker Fairfield,CT

-- Jeb Norris (phantomct_2000@yahoo.com), May 26, 2000.

No your both wrong East Grand Rapids, Michigan is the champ at being rude. Viet Nam was more fun than dealing with this agent. I never had so much misery, for no reason. All I wanted to do is sell my house.

-- Jerry Harrison (JH3491@hotmail.com), June 05, 2001.

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