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FIRM members-

The nomination process is over and it is time to vote for new representation on the FIRM board of directors. We have received a total of 6 nominations for the FIRM board. The six individuals are listed below. Keep in mind that there are 5 openings available. Therefore each FIRM member (If you received this posting you are a member) is allowed to vote for up to 5 people. Write-in candidates are acceptable when voting.

All votes will be cast electronically via e-mail. Please send your vote to Charley Barth at barth.charley@hq.navy.mil All e-mail ballots will be treated confidentially and will be destroyed after the votes have been tabulated. The only information you have to send in the e-mail is the names (up to 5) of the people you want to serve on the board. There is nothing else required! This should take a grand total of 5 minutes so please take the time to make your voice heard. This is your FIRM council and therefore your civic duty to vote.

The polls close at 3:00pm on Friday May 26th so get your votes in now. There are well over 200 people on the FIRM list serve. We are hoping for a large voter turnout to prove that the membership cares about the leadership of the FIRM. Carol Brock, FIRM chairperson, will announce the new board members on May 31st. The 5 newly elected directors will begin their service at the June board meeting. Good luck to all of the candidates. All questions can be directed to me. Looking forward to receiving your e-mail responses.

Charley Barth

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Edna Campbell

US Dept of Commerce

In January 2000, I was appointed Records Official for the Department of Commerce. I would like to be involved in the FIRM Council as it seems to be a group of dynamic records management professionals involved in shaping the future.

2) Nancy G. Miller, CA (Incumbent) National Labor Relations Board

Nancy is currently the records officer for the National Labor Relations Board. She has more than 20 years of experience in Federal records management and archives including two stints with the National Archives, and time with the Marine Corps Archives and the Naval Historical Center, before joining the NLRB in 1993. Over the past 6 years, Nancy has been active on interagency committees such as FIRM (board member, 1997-2000), the Electronic Records Management Group (1995 - 1998) and SAC-ROC, serving as Chair (1994-1997). Her areas of professional interest include records scheduling and appraisal, electronic records management, and bar code technology. Recent initiatives and accomplishments include the implementation of a bar-coding system for the NLRB case files, the purchase and installation of a bar-coding software package, and participation in the development of the planned NLRB system to automate the production and management of case files.

3) Tammy J. Schartel

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Tammy is a Management Analyst in the Records Management Branch, Program Services Division, Operations Support Directorate. She is interested in being part of the FIRM because she likes to be at the cutting edge of development of policy, especially with regards to the electronic records management. This is an exciting time for Records Management and she feels her real world experiences in application of NARA guidelines to revitalize the FEMA records management program can be useful learning tools for other agencies. She feels records managers have gained stature within FEMA as records management issues have become (well overdue) one of the major concerns for her agency. Tammy thinks it is time to proactively reconcile the differences between how we would LIKE the records management world to be vs. how it actually IS. Lastly, she feels the FIRM Council is a vehicle for this change.

4) Richard Griffin

Department of Education

After founding and serving as President and CEO in several private companies, including an Information Data Mining business during his 25 year career in the private sector, Mr. Griffin chose a 2nd career because he felt the federal government offered an opportunity to extend sound business practice to public service. During the past six years, among other things, as a Systems Analyst Mr. Griffin led a team which established nation wide access and electronic communication between postsecondary education facilities and the US Department of Education's Student Financial Aid office. He has also helped The Department of Education's Office of Technology roll out the E-rate program, which allows primary and secondary schools all across the country to get discounted rates on Internet Access charges. Richard is also the Department of Education's Representative to the National Performance Review. For the past year at NPR, he has worked on the Electronic Government Initiatives articulated in the Presidents memo on Electronic Government of December 17th.

5) Stephen P. Levenson

Department of Justice

Steve is currently the Judiciary Records Officer. Steve's career has been involved primarily in court and legal records. This experience includes micrographics, data processing and imaging. His experience also involved law office management and record system development. In his present position, he is involved in an assessment of the all records systems in the Judiciary, long term storage issues and the application of technology through both electronic documents and document management systems. He is interested in participating with other agencies in sharing of information and working on various committees.

6) Greg Fraser (Incumbent)

Central Intelligence Agency

Greg has enjoyed his time serving on the FIRM board of directors. He has led a working group that has dealt with training and professional development in the records management cadre. Greg has been involved with numerous panels in his career dealing with electric records management.

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2000

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