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Critter causes big trouble at tollway office

May 19, 2000


A masked intruder recently broke into the Downers Grove headquarters of the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority and caused nearly $14,000 in damage by urinating on equipment used to record radio communications.

But tollway officials were more amused than disgusted by the escapade--since the culprit was a raccoon.

The incident was disclosed during a Thursday committee meeting where the repair expenditures were authorized.

Exactly how the animal got into the secure building is unclear, officials said, although they suspect it was through a vent or air shaft.

The creature was discovered last month in a basement cabinet that houses wiring for a high-tech Dictaphone.

"The raccoon urinated in the first deck of the system," said Michael Dreier, chief of information technology for the tollway.

"He zapped the electrical circuitry and the wiring. But the backup units kept everything alive."

The tollway hired Naperville-based Animal Encounters Wildlife Control to capture, then euthanize, the beast, said tollway spokeswoman Jan Kemp.


-- (, May 19, 2000

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