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i mean... i know hes got this... sex-symbol-type-pretty-boy-but-i-have-a-mind-too-and-i-hate-the-fakeness-in-hollywood-becuase-im-really-anti-establishment-so-i-decide-not-to-wash-or-shave-cuz-im-cool-like-dat-and-im-really-sensitive-too-see-look-im-crying-and-running-in-the-rain-and-stuff... thing going on... but thats exactly why i think hes a big loser. He tries too hard to be cool and apparently he believes cool=dirty... and its just kinda sad to see someone be so incredibly lame all the time like that... i kind of pity him in a way... hes the last of the grunge martyrs... only hes still alive... please... someone put him out of his misery and sabotage the brakes on his ethan-hawke-type car...

-- mike (, May 21, 2000


I used to like him... now I'm neutral. He is pretty damn grunge-y. It was pretty sad, in watching Hamlet I kept thinking (besides 'WHY did they do this?') about how god awful his hair was. The front has potential to be okay, but we kept getting these side and rear view shots of his head and I just was cringing. It's just not a good look. At all. :P

But, he married Uma, whom I love with all my heart... so I don't wish him dead. I only wish a haircut and a shampoo upon that head. Maybe a hosedown, to.

-- siobhan (, May 21, 2000.

I used to love Ethan Hawke. He was absolutely adorable in Dead Poet's Society. His grunge look is rather old and very overrated, though. Shampoo is our friend. The greasy hair look and everything is just annoying. Ugh.

-- Kristin (, May 21, 2000.

Yeah I'm not too down with the grunge thing, loved him in DPS, he was pretty cool and attractive in Snow Falling on Cedars as well. The new Hamlet looks bad, I think I'll stick with Branagh, even though I hear he's casting Alicia Silverstone in "Love's Labours Lost".

-- Jamie (, May 28, 2000.

its so good to know that im not alone in this...

-- m (, May 29, 2000.

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