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Uptown hit by outage, newspaper is delayed

By STEVEN REYNOLDS Index-Journal staff writer

GREENWOOD  Electricity to most of Uptown Greenwood was cut off Sunday after an underground connector blew out. Commissioners of Public Works General Manager Steve Reeves, said a connector between an underground cable and vault on Phoenix Avenue failed. Police were called out to direct traffic at intersections. Most businesses were closed at the time, but The Index-Journal<$> was among the businesses affected by the power outage. Technical problems that had to be corrected resulted in the newspapers late publication time today. Ed Miller, CPWs director of electric utilities, said the connector blew at 3:06 and affected electric service from Maxwell and Seaboard avenues up to Highland Park. Power was restored by 3:45. Reeves said a number of things could cause the connector to fail, from moisture to the age of the system. We have no reason to think it was anything other than a breakdown in equipment, he said.

-- Doris (, May 23, 2000

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