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Title: Several Areas Go Without Power By A Staff Reporter --- May 24, 2000


NEW DELHI: Many areas in Delhi had long power cuts as two units of different power stations stopped functioning on Tuesday. The DVB had to resort to heavy loadshedding because of the outage of the two units.

According to the DVB, loadshedding was to the tune of 350 MW and was imposed in a number of residential areas. The crisis took place because unit three of the Badarpur Thermal Power Station (BTPS) went off due to boiler leakage and another unit of the Dadri Thermal Power Station went off. The BTPS unit was 100 MW, while the Dadri unit which stopped generation was 210 MW.

The DVB said the BTPS unit will take a couple of days to start generation, while the Dadri unit is likely to start generation sooner.

The power consumption in the city has gone up significantly in May 2000 as compared to the same time last year. DVB records show the increase in demand has risen by about seven to eight per cent in May this year as compared to last year. The maximum demand recorded this year was 2613 MW on May 20, which was higher than last year's 2580 MW for September.

Posh south Delhi colonies did not have power through the day. Power was restored in some areas only around 6.30 pm, but their relief was short-lived. They were soon plunged once again in darkness


-- (, May 24, 2000

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