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Baptist East Outage Aided By Generator

Source: The Commercial Appeal Memphis, TN Publication date: 2000-05-24

A "ground fault" in an electrical switch knocked out the main source of power at Baptist Memorial Hospital East for about four hours Tuesday, a hospital spokesman said.

Backup generators kicked in when the power went out at 4 p.m., and power was maintained in the patient areas, said Kimberly Alexander.

Administrative offices were without power and air-conditioning during the outage. Normal power was restored at 8 p.m. For a brief time, the emergency room was closed to ambulances.

"We diverted ambulance drivers until we could make sure that we had everything under control. We still saw patients that walked into the emergency room," Alexander said.

A Memphis Light, Gas & Water Division crew made the scene but discovered the problem was internal.

"We performed several tests and examined the equipment and found that the problem was in some of the equipment of Baptist's," said LG&W spokesman Nicole Ritchie.


-- (, May 24, 2000

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