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Not Y2K related but too bizarre not to share.

Mystery Over Zambian Prisoners' Escape

May 25, 2000

CHIPATA, Zambia (PANA) - Police in Chipata, eastern
Zambia, are still dumbfounded by how six suspects
mysteriously escaped from lawful custody at Chiparamba
police post.

Before retiring for the night, the police officers had
locked the six in a cell, leaving a night watchman to
guard the place.

The policemen were surprised to find the cell empty when
they unlocked the door the following morning.

According to area councillor for Sisinje ward Charles
Nyirenda, what was more astonishing was that both the
door and lock were not tempered with during the escape.

Nyirenda, who is also Chipata deputy mayor, said the
mysterious escape that took place a fortnight ago had
not only baffled the police but the entire local community.

While the officers were still contemplating what to do
next, two of the jailbirds appeared and voluntarily
surrendered themselves to the police.

"When the police officers asked the suspects how they had
got out of the cell that was locked and guarded by a
watchman, they too expressed surprise," he said.

The suspects told the officers that they were surprised to
find themselves kilometres away from the police post.

The escapees claimed that they all found themselves seated
on top of a hill near Nyaviombo Primary School the following

Nyirenda said the Chipata police released them, saying they
were humbled by the two law-abiding suspects.

The other four suspects are still at large.


-- spider (, May 25, 2000


Ah, Spider, don't you miss the "good old days?"

So, were they levitating, or what?

-- Rachel Gibson (, May 25, 2000.

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