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I am currently being screwed by Coldwell Banker and their agents for non disclosure on the sale of my townhome. The agents incorrectly advised me about an item on my disclosure form for the sale of my property. Now I am being sued by the buyer and Coldwell Bankers nasty attorneys think I should pay as well as them. I should of sold it myself and saved the so-called professional fees of $26,000 that I was charged. These guys stink. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. I will not go down without a fight. 05/25/00

-- Jim Grima (, May 26, 2000


Response to Getting SCREWED in California by big bad CB

As someone who was screwed by CB in Connecticut (they give new meaning to the word unprofessional) all I can do is offer my sympathy. Unless you recorded every conversation with your agent there's no way you can prove anything. If the crowd out in CA is anything like the crowd in Fairfield CT all I can say is that they will no have no qualms lying under oath! The manager here and her whole team are deceitful they have probably taken classes on how to pass a lie detector test!

-- Jeb Norris (, May 26, 2000.

I too appear to be getting screwed by CB! We are currently the approved buyer for a house (this is a bankruptcy court ruling situation). Although we were aware of the possibility of an overbid, we were led (by a CB office)to believe that a minimum overbid of 5 to 10% would be necessary for us to lose our position! Recently the listing CB agent has changed the list price and advertised that overbids may start at a mere 1.7%. All without notifying us or our agent. Furhermore, she has withheld documentation regarding the establishment of court dates and overbid procedures which she is obligated to supply based on the "counter offer Agreement". We have received NO cooperation from this woman who fails to return all calls. The trustee for the bankruptcy case refers us to her and we are really in a bind. Even phone calls to her boss get us nowhere. If it isn't encouraged CB company policy to be less than forthright and cooperative it's certainly tolerated. The lack of cooperation and honesty we have encountered has been disgusting and I hope no one out there ever has to deal with CB in Cotati California!

-- Melissa Booker (, June 13, 2000.

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