War: what is it good for?

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You tell me.

-- siobhan (zootzie@yahoo.com), May 29, 2000


Somebody is going to do it sooner or later, so it might as well be me....

Ready.... one, two, three:

"WAR! What is it good for? HUH! ABSOLUTELY NUTHIN'! Say it again y'all"

-- andres (ladolcevita@writeme.com), May 29, 2000.

hahahahaha... it makes me think of Rush Hour!!! with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker...
on a more serious note... I'm at work right now and on the air we just had a retired general who fought in korea and vietnam... i was totally hypnotized by his war stories... he saw a boy jump on a grenade... he was almost crying when he spoke about it...

war is horrible...

-- mike (supermike1999@yahoo.com), May 29, 2000.

War is good for Genocide,Colonization,and Resistance. More to come..

-- Jeff (lilfish@uslink.net), June 01, 2000.

and dont forget good ole raping and pillaging... ...burning and looting... and... ...scorching the earth...

-- mike (supermike1999@yahoo.com), June 01, 2000.

Hey quit talking about me in a derogatory sense when i'm not at your site, damn DM wearers. I'm good for all sorts honest i am, ask ummm anyone, IRL obviously cause if you ask jamie or anyone they will lie.

-- Warbringer (books_of_blood@hotmail.com), July 25, 2000.

As Laibach put it: CBS, CNN, NBC, IBM!

Yeah! That's what war's good for.

-- Paul (gilbreathfamily@worldnet.att.net), August 11, 2000.

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